It may sound incredibly elementary, but the act of cleaning your home has quite a few hidden benefits. The next time you’re feeling a little low, take a look around. That mop, broom, and dustpan may just hold the key to chasing your troubles away.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is based on the Chinese philosophy that “a clean house is a lucky house.” When you clear spaces of debris, what you’re essentially doing is clearing away bad karma. Dirt and old memories have a way of clinging to all the surfaces of your home. When you get rid of them, you are automatically clearing away space for new experiences to enter.

Finders Keepers

It is most often when you are doing some major cleaning that you run across things that you’d been looking for, for a long period of time. Finding them underneath piles of stuff, in bags, or in corners is like being given a surprise gift.

Play Time

Once your home has been given the once over, you are free to engage in the things that you actually enjoy doing. For instance, having a spotless kitchen is an open invitation to try preparing a new dish. In a nutshell, getting these burdensome chores out of the way gives people a psychological “green light” to have a little fun. Furthermore, returning home to a clean house or apartment (after a rewarding outing) has a miraculous way of lifting the spirits.

Idle Hands, Idle Mind

When you are feeling a little down, it’s very easy to find yourself sulking on the sofa. People suffering from depression (or even little bouts of sadness) often don’t feel like doing the things they normally would. But remaining sedentary gives your brain too much time to focus on the things that are bothering you. By getting up and focusing your attention on household tasks, you give yourself a mental diversion. Moreover, as you see areas of your home clearing out, you begin to feel a bit more peaceful.

Health and Happiness

Have you ever considered the fact that accumulating dirt and dust contributes to allergies, colds, and even more serious illnesses? It may seem like a simple correlation to make. But a lot of people take for granted that cluttered homes are breeding grounds for germs. Germs multiply and can cause all kinds of physical conditions which mask themselves under depression. In cleaning your home, you rid it of these germs thereby improving the quality of the air you’re breathing. The very act of feeling better physically has a way of improving one’s overall psychological condition.


Sometimes in cleaning your home, you discover that it becomes much easier to get organized. Throwing away things you don’t need, and putting away the things you do has a way of granting perspective. You may find that getting yourself together for work during the week becomes less complicated and time-consuming. This will have a trickle-down effect that travels all the way through your work week. Being able to get ready faster in the mornings because you cleaned your closet will certainly boost your spirits. And spending less because you made space to cook meals rather than eating out just might make you feel like you’ve won the lottery. (Well…almost.)

For a real in depth view of house cleaning tips from professional maids, check out the informative video below. It contains tons of advice to help you get your home or office as clean as possible by doing it the right way.