Allergies are a problem that plague a lot of us, and relief can usually begin right in your own living room. Carpet can trap dust, pollen, and other common allergens that can make life almost unbearable. This is where having a capable vacuum machine can make all of the difference. One that we have experience with and use on a weekly basis is the Oreck XL Insight. We were amazed by just how much stuff gets picked up after just one use. It has helped us so much that we decided to write a brief rundown of what this terrific vacuum cleaner can do, especially with those battling indoor allergies.

It does not have a state of the art steering ball, attachments or a futuristic design. It was built to do one thing and it does that one thing extremely well. It comes with a HEPA bag to trap 99.7% of allergens. Self-propelled and featuring a lengthy 30 foot power cord, this unit is a breeze to move around the house. It is also capable of folding nearly flat while operating which makes getting under coffee tables and beds a breeze.

While it would be ideal if we could get a robotic vacuum to do all of the work for us, they don’t quite measure up for allergy sufferers. After reading through some of the current robot vacuum reviews it was plain to see how their lack of true HEPA filtration is one of their disadvantages. This is where having a quality upright will make a huge difference.

Useful Features

Two-Speed Control: The Oreck XL Insight can easily adapt to switching the surface you are vacuuming. Choose high speed for carpets and the lower speed for harder surfaces. While the deep cleaning option will remove deep-down dirt that is stuck in your carpets, rugs and other porous surfaces, the gentle cleaning setting will properly vacuum bare floors, making sure not to scratch or potentially damage them.

Direct Suction: This upright has 102 mph of direct suction airflow, which will inhale dirt, dust and other debris directly into the disposable filter bag. As a result, you will be able to get rid of finer particles that are nearly impossible to remove otherwise. This is a great feature for pet hair and other allergens.

Saniseal System: This unit comes with a Saniseal system that can successfully lock the dirt it collects in the filter bag, sealing it tightly. Not only will you be able to clean your home, but you will also manage to avoid dust emissions that can easily threaten your family’s health and well-being by triggering allergic reactions.

Low-Profile Design: The versatility of the Insight comes from its low-profile design, which can easily fit under your furniture for effortless and efficient vacuuming. Beyond its steerable brush head, the unit can basically lie flat, thus reaching areas and spots in your home that are harder to reach.

The Highlights

Very Powerful Suction: Buyers who have used this Oreck vacuum cleaner were able to successfully remove more dirt and dust that was accumulated in their carpets, rugs and upholstery. This upright has a great suction power, collecting pet hair and even the finest particles, ensuring that every area in your home will be clean and neat.

Good Speed Control: Owners generally find this feature to work as advertised. Switching speeds when cleaning different types of surfaces maximizes its efficiency. Users tend to like how the lower speed does not spray loose dirt and debris around like some other models.

Auto-Propelling: Another notable benefit of this upright is that the machine is self-propelled. Users have responded favorably to how little effort is needed to move the vacuum cleaner. Couple this with also being lightweight (around 9lbs) and most users find it rather easy to operate.

Excellent Filter Bag Capacity: Some folks prefer to use HEPA bags rather than bagless uprights that make use of various kinds of HEPA filters. The two Oreck models on our list both make use of bags.

Where It Misses The Mark

Unfortunately there is not one perfect upright for everyone and despite its overall high marks, there were a couple of things that a few customers have voiced concerns about.

Lack of Accessories: While most people appreciate this machines performance capabilities, some have expressed that they wished that it came with some attachments such as a crevace tool or extender hose.

Undesirable Handle Rotation: Although the steerable design of this unit is very favorable for vacuuming specific types of surfaces, which made it difficult to control at times. Several buyers reported undesirable handle rotation movements that did not allow them to properly clean their homes, which unavoidably made their experience less than optimal.

Bottom Line

If you simply want a machine that will vacuum your home and do it very well without any bells and whistles then this may be the model for you. The Oreck XL Insight is a great performer that receives very high recommendation rates and ratings from those who have bought it.